Faith Fulfills All Our Wishes

Faith Fulfills All Our Wishes

Jai Gurudev has become the magic mantra of my life. I am a physiotherapist practicing in Mumbai and I am a part of Art of Living since the last five years and I consider myself extremely lucky to be on this path, to meet my master, the divine himself. In the last 5 years, it has been a fantastic journey with Gurudev, a constant feeling within that someone is always taking care of me. I have many stories to share that have really changed my life, have changed me as a person for the good since the time I met Gurudev. I dont know where I should really begin from, but yes I would really want to share one of the most recent experiences which is very special for me, after which I realised that how Gurudev has the best of plans made for each one of us.
It was Navratri and I was really excited and I wished to go to the ashram to celebrate with Gurudev this year, if not then I was very sure that I would make it to the Art of Living Mumbai Navratri celebration at Mulund. On the 16th of October, 2012, the first day of Navratri, I was at work and started feeling feverish. I had no energy to work; luckily there were no patients, so I kept lying down on the bed in one of the cubicles. My back started aching and my head was getting very heavy. After treating 1 patient, somehow I managed leaving the workplace at an earlier time and as soon as I reached home I just fell on the bed and started experiencing excruciating current like pain in the head and the fever started rising, the temperature being 2-2.5 degrees, my back and leg pain was at its peak. My mom visited the doctor, since I had no stamina. I had the medicines, but there was no major relief. I had an entire sleepless night. The scenario was really bad, my parents were worried. This continued for a day or two and on the third day after many tests, I got diagnosed with Dengue. The blood tests showed that my white blood cells and platelet counts went very low. All this while, an inner voice kept telling me that everything is being taken care of. All these health issues on one side and the constant thoughts that I couldn’t just make it to the ashram this year for Navratri made me feel sad, but then I dropped these thoughts without losing hopes of attending the Mumbai celebrations.

On the first day of the Navratri Homa, I was getting calls from all my near and dear ones, locally as well as from the ashram. So many people were praying for me and sending Gurudevs blessings. My body pain and headache came down although the fever was not decreasing and weakness was present. The doctor had very strictly told me that the only cure for dengue is lots of rest and plenty of fluids, so I could not make it to the first day of the Homas. I was very sad and started thinking that this time I would miss the homas and I just left everything to Gurudev.

But Gurudev takes care of everyone. He will never keep anyone sad. To my surprise, I came to know via a friend that for the first time, the homas would be shown live directly from the ashram. I was very happy and i was waiting for the next day when we would get to do Sudarshan Kriya with Guruji live. I realised that some time back I was thinking that all doors seem to be getting closed on me and when I came to know about the live telecast of the Sudarshan Homa, I felt really special, as if Gurudev had made it possible just for me.

Until the webcast, I had fever, weakness and all the same symptoms but as I got done with the Homa and the kriya, I could strongly feel that the dengue had gone and more than anything I was content and satisfied. Following the homa, I was feeling much better. My fever had come down, I could stand and walk. The day after that, my blood tests showed normal WBC counts and the day after that my platelets started normalising.

After this incident I realised the few things that make me feel so special. First, that somewhere my body really needed physical rest, which I got thoroughly during the days of illness. Second ,may be this illness had to come to me, but how beautifully it was chosen to be during Navratri, where due to so many pujas, homas and so many people praying, my healing was super fast or else dengue can have a worse impact, but the satvic time of navratri saved me. Third, my intense longing to meet Guruji and to attend homa was also fulfilled by performing the entire homa and kriya live with Gurudev himself, that too resting at home and there I was, filled with gratitude, thanking my Master for taking care of me and my wishes so dearly.

This situation could have made anyone much weaker mentally, but for me it doubled my faith in the Master, and I conclude that there is always a purpose behind every happening in our live. For some time it forces us to think and question that ”why is this happening with me” but its temporary, at the end it will always be a win-win situation Know one thing for sure that the Master has devised one of the best plans for each one of us.I love you lots Guruji. Thank you for being there with me always.

-Trusha Chopra

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